Captain Burks

Captain Burks

Owning a yacht can be a very complex -
That is why it is important to have your yacht managed by a professional who knows how to take care of your yacht for you and make sure it is ready to go when you are.

From maintenance, slip/mooring rental, crew selection, training & charter revenue programs; my management programs are a must for anyone wanting the best for their yacht and their passengers.

My industry relationships allow me to provide my clients with excellent insurance, fuel prices, maintenance costs, and prices on marine related parts & services. I aim to serve my yacht owner's best interest throughout the entire management relationship.

My management team is dedicated to professionalism and efficiency, so you can rest assured your yacht is in safe hands, and your next voyage will be a safe one.

I provide a monthly accounting of all costs, revenues, and activity related to the yacht, which allows easy accounting and tracking for my yacht owners. All vessel records are kept in an encrypted database and available for review at any time.

I am available for hire for: offshore as well as coastal and transoceanic routes from any port to any port.  Private, Corporate, Recreation or commercial.   Sail, Power, and Towing
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